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Birthday Parties


Celebrate All Together!

The Birthday Party Package from Jamtown ~ at a place of your choosing ~ revolves around friends making music together. We lead parties for all humans ages 1 to 99 and specialize in young people (2-10 years.) The program will flex with the age group…call for details. No matter the audience, we deliver a hands-on music event designed to rock the crowd and give the birthday guy or gal an event to remember. At kids parties adults are encouraged to participate, so the entire community celebrates together!  

Our events feature Jamtown multicultural instruments and we always include drums and a free-for-all finish! We’ll play folk songs, original songs, and in-the-moment music compositions with input from everyone in the band. Older kids and grown-up prefer large drums. Kid parties also include a cool party favor for each child for up to 20 kids (additional kids $10 each.) The favor is a hand-made Ocarina whistle/necklace - retail value $6 – or $120 value for a party of 20. Party cost is $300 (plus $25 travel if outside Seattle.)

Typical performance is 45 minutes We are VERY open to customizing our program to meet your fantastic birthday vision. 

Book your party date and time today! Call to confirm availability: info@jamtown.com or 206 632 9136.