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In Stock Program - Benefits

Our store locator comes with a bonus. (We need your feedback --- to launch it right.)

Here's the goal: foot traffic for your store. 

Here's the hook: if you're listed in our store finder*, your customers can order any Jamtown product through you. We'll process single item orders to your store for this purpose. You pay shipping for the single item, but your customer appears for the purchase! How valuable are customer visits to your store? We would like to know! 

Bottom line: it's likely a break-even sale for you (and Jamtown). The value rolls to your customer and your relationships. 

How will your customer know about our products? You will take them there! Our dealer site is an extension of your store. Include a link in your newsletter.  Yes, your customers will have to take the initiative the ask for an item. But they receive free shipping and can access our entire line.  No prices are viewable for consumers on our site - you set your own.   

Very interested if you think this program could produce benefits for you. Let us know!


*Store with $750 in purchases during the previous calendar year or new stores with $500 opening orders qualify for our store locator listing.