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Djembe Drum Medium Cow - J0201C

Djembe Drum Medium Cow - J0201C

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Made in Ghana
Care-free Djembe from Jamtown. Cow is thicker than goat and rarely needs tuning, AND, it's ok to hit with a stick! Sound will be warm vs. bright goat hide. The head is large enough to bring a sweet warm bass and small enough to tote! Short hair is left on these drums, which adds to the beauty and wonder of a real drum.  The 'hair-on' lowers the pitch just a smidge and will play off over time. It is soft on the hands too. Great solution for drum teachers, schools, beginners, and pros. Drum head styles are assorted colors, naturally! Measures 21-22" tall x 10-11" head. Weight 12- 14 lbs.

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