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Jamtown John Bio

John Hayden and his company, Jamtown™, celebrate a worldwide love for music and adventure travel ~ since 1995.

He is a pioneer in the field of ‘accessible music’ that features hands-on participation for all ages. His custom programs are adapted from extensive experience with school, business and community rhythm events since 1995. He has taught toddler music and movement classes since his daughter was born in 2007.

His unique approach with little ones combines music, movement and fun to keep toddlers engaged. His curriculum draws upon classic folk and original songs, and activities presented in a continually evolving format. By focusing on the participants, John frequently inserts in-the-moment ideas into story/songs. John plays hand drums & percussion, piano, ukulele, native flutes, & thumb piano.

Jamtown also imports rhythm and wind instruments since 1995 from low-income artisans and co-operatives around the world using fair trade principals. He served on the Board of the Fair Trade Federation for 3 years after joining in 1999. John travels internationally about once a year to visit artisan producers.  He has created two Parents’ Choice ® award-winning products: Jamtown Junior Pack and Sun Moon Star Drum. Jamtown products are available at museums, zoos, toy stores, music stores, specialty retailers, education catalogs and gift catalogs throughout the USA.

‘Jamtown John’ is certified Global Trainer of Village Music Circles 3 Day Drum Circle Facilitation Playshop and a member of the Drum CircleFaciltation Guild (DCFG.) In Seattle, he produces the Northwest Folklife Rhythm Tent Stage, since 2004 and teaches parent/toddler and adult hand drum classes. For more services info visit https://jamtownlive.com/