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We want customers to use our promotions - so we have added them to the web site for easy access! Coupons codes available to all customers are in 'Quotes' below. Only one Discount can be applied to each order placed. Customers are responsible for choosing most favorable discount codes.  If you qualify for the Display  Refill Program or the FTF Member promotions, contact us for the coupon code before you place your order. Here are our current Promotions:


First Order

A one-time 10% order discount for wholesale customers ONLY placing their order at this web site for resale to the general public. Discount code: 'First Order'. 

Refill Program

An 8% discount for items to refill the Revolution Display. There are lots of choices in the Display Program Collection. Rotating your stock will keep the Display fresh for your best customers, which means more sales and profits for you. The discount replaces free freight on refills and is of similar value. The Jamtown Display should be in current use and fully stocked exclusivly with Jamtown product to qualify. Contact us for this discount code.

FTF Member

We provide fellow Fair Trade Federation members with a 5% discount to orders placed on our web site. Learn more about the movement at fairtradefederation.org. Contact us for this discount code.

NOTE: Only one discount can be applied to an order. Customers are responsible for choosing codes.